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Conservatories are an amazing way to add versatility and customisation to any premise; at Independent Installations we can appreciate this. This is why we have made sure that our technicians can tailor their work to any one of our customers so that they can get their ideal conservatory no matter what their use for it is.

Here is a list of what our previous customers have chosen to use their conservatory for:

  • Lounge.
  • Dining Room.
  • Games Area.
  • Meeting Room.
  • Study.

You may already know what you would like to use your brand new conservatory for but if you do not then please feel free to ask one of our technicians for their opinion on what you could use it for. At Independent Installations we are committed to making sure that each one of our customers are 100% happy with any work that we do for them and that the customer service provided is second to none.

But there is more that an Independent Installations conservatory can offer you, it can combine both your home lifestyle with the outside. You can literally be surrounded by your garden, the sky and by nature itself. Come rain or shine, come snow or early morning dew, a bright day or starlit night, your home and garden can be as one.

A conservatory is a valuable addition to anyone’s home, an asset to be proud of, that will provide returns for years to come. Our conservatories not only return an investment but the high quality PVC-U profiles are used to makes sure attractive, immensely strong, easy to look after conservatories are produced that will last you a lifetime. At Independent Installations we can offer our customers an enormous choice of finishes, designs and appearances to suit any home and environment.

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